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Would you invest 4 days
to learn a life-long skill
that can help you unlock more abundance and joy in your life?

( And maybe even build an income with it! )

Have you spent countless hours of your life
poring through feng shui books and articles,
yet the more you researched the more confused you get?


Are you stuck in analysis paralysis ,
going down the feng shui rabbit hole
that gets you more questions than answers?


Have you spent hundreds,
maybe even thousands of your hard-earned money,
on 'feng shui objects' that has given you little to no results to speak of? Your family ridicules you and it's frustrating because you know
feng shui MUST work but you just don't know what you're missing?



In this 4-day San Yuan Feng Shui Flying Star course you will get breakthrough after breakthroughs, and questions that you've had for so long will finally get answered. The constant frustration and the desperate seeking of an answer will end here! You'll feel proud of yourself for investing in a better future for you and your family, FINALLY tapping into the abundant universal energy that is prosperous and loving. If you take this knowledge and start a business with it (or even if you don't), imagine the lives that you can change for the better - what better calling is there in life?



  • Learn from a book, then put it into practice!

    This course is divided covering theoretical and practical training (building and site inspection) so you will walk away CONFIDENT in implementing what you've learned. 

  • 'Forecasting' with feng shui

    Learn our unique methods that allows for successful analysis of past and future events - your friends, family and clients will be so grateful for you to be able to first warn them of potential loss or mishaps, them arm them with the remedy to reduce the severity of it. 

  • Install a stronger feng shui filter  - know what is feng shui and what is not

    Stand out as one of the minority of feng shui consultants who actually follow a lineage with proven methologies. 

  • Learn to 'read' a house in as little as 10 minutes!

    Learn how you can laser determine, if a home or business space will be auspicious or not, and generate solutions just as quickly!

  • Uplevel your feng shui knowledge where only a select elite can reach

    This course provides an understanding of the flying stars at a completely new level, with school secrets and methods that you will not find anywhere else, revealing the true depth of the classical theory

Get your hands on our

School Secrets!

Proven theories and formulas to help you say goodbye to moving your objects and furniture for the upteenth time because you can't stop questioning if you did it right!


( Psst.... that stack of paper on the right - your textbook -
holds the key to your first REAL feng shui journey! )





1. Formation of Ba Gua Wu Ji, Tai Ji, Two Poles, Four Phenomena  


2. Name of Ba Gua, their symbol and implications


3. Derivation of the Ten Heavenly Stems and their cardinal points and seasonal combination


4. Derivation of the Twelve Earthly Branches and their cardinal points, seasonal combination


5. 60 year cycle of calendar and the 24 solar terms


6. Early Heaven Sequence Arrangement of Ba Gua and their application


7. Later Heaven sequence Arrangement of Ba Gua and their application.


8. 24 Mountains (application)


9. Lo Shu


10.Computation of Flying Star Chart 


11.Terms in Feng Shui:

a. Dao Shan Dao Xiang

b. Shang Shan Xia Shui

c. Shuang Xing Dao Xiang

d. Shuang Xing Dao Zuo

e. Fu Mu San Ban Gua

f.  Lian Zhu San BanGua


12.He Tu the yellow river diagram

a. Combination of Ten

b. Fu Ying

c. Fan Ying

d. Imprisonment of Star

e. Castle Gate

f.  Castle Gate Theory

g. Ling Shen (water placement technique) 

h. Zheng Shen

i.  Robbery of the Seven Stars



13.  Implications of

a. San Sha

b. Wu Wang

c. Tai Sui

d. Sui Po

e. Annual and Monthly Star


14. How to determine a house facing and sitting?

15. Where to take the reading?
-Against the door?
-Three feet or three meters away from the door?
-Opposite the road?
-From the center of the building?
- Main Entrance?
- Building Intentions?
- Direction of flowing Qi?
- More Yang side?
- Or by external landform? Which is correct?


16. What happen if there are multiple entrances? 

17. Determining The House Period 
House units or individual apartment under the same building can sometimes have few different periods. Why?


18. Xuan Kong Flying Star Chart
- Under what situation, a house can have two flying star charts?
- How to due with a house that has two Flying Star Chart?


19. How to Compartmentalize a house using the Pure San Yuan Method
Most school (mixture of San Yuan & San He) uses a Pie Chart and 9 Grids method to analyze a house. In Pure San Yuan School of Feng Shui, we use the secret method known as "Compartmentalizing the Stars into the right sectors". 


20. Compartmentalizing the Stars:
- Odd Shape Building / Houses / Retail or Commercial Space


21. How to Read Luo Pan


22. Interpretation of the 81 Combinations

a.Application of the 81 Combinations to all flying star charts for period 7 and 8.

b. Application of number to Stove, Door, Room, Bed , Water, Road.

c. Application of number to man

d. Application of number to external land form


23. Case Studies and Q&A

My name is Safrina Kadri, born and raised in Malaysia but now living with my daughters and husband in Toronto, Canada. I practice feng shui professionally not only in Toronto but have also served residential and business clients internationally.

I am 4th-generation disciple under the lineage of the Grand Master Tang Yang Wu, learning from precious pages of 1 of the 2 remaining textbooks he wrote back in 1922 ( the rest didn’t survive Japanese occupation of China when the books were ordered to be burned ).  Having completed the Master Programme for Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, Master Programme for Bazi, Xuan Kong Liu Fa ( Six Methods ), Master Programme for Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection as well as Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui. With Grand Master Leyau's blessing I am honoured to pass the baton to all other feng shui enthusiasts who want to take their feng shui journey further.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I really start marketing myself as a feng shui consultant after this course?

Absolutely! This course will set a strong foundation of knowledge for you as a new consultant and in fact, you'll be off on a stronger footing because your work will be based on generations of Grand Masters' proven formulas and theories, not just regurgitated teachings that can be hit and miss thus diluting your feng shui results. You can be confident in the skills that you learn in these 4 days, and the service that you will deliver to your clients. 


What if I just want to learn for my own usage, and help some family and friends? Will this be overkill for a personal-interest use?

Not a problem at all! Even if this is not a business interest for you, you can still take the knowledge learned in this course to make sure that you do your feng shui placements with the utmost confidence and clarity.  


Do I need to have taken prior feng shui training in order to take this course?

No. In fact, it's even better if you've never had prior training before. The reason is so that you don't confuse and mix up different school's teachings, formulas and theories. 


What is your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for non-attendance. Should your life circumstances change in a way that makes it impossible for you to attend the course, we will be more than happy to credit your tuition in full toward a future certification course. 


Can I run my business part-time?

When you become a feng shui consultant, you work for yourself and have full control over your schedule, the amount of clients you decide to take on. Some graduates take up consulting as a full-time career. Others use it to augment their income part-time. In fact, Safrina built her international feng shui consulting business part-time and then was able to leave her corporate career to build her business full time. 


What does the course fee include?

The course fee includes the official textbook from Central Academy of Feng Shui, private graduates-only Facebook group for continued support, as well as certification of completion. 




My Feng Shui Lineage, starting from the late great Grand Master Tan Yang Wu


Course Fee USD2,088

( payment plans available upon request )

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