ATTENTION : Women Struggling With Infertility]

Discover Holistic Fertility Wisdom Modern Doctors Are Ignoring And Why Not Knowing This Is Costing You Time And Money

You'll Learn

1 ) The lie that you've been told about why you're unable to conceive, and how it's costing you unnecessary time and heartache 


2 ) how you can free yourself from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual torment of trying to conceive with holistic, spiritual and proven-to-work strategies 


3 ) The 5 Energetic Shifts that you can do right now to take you from frustrated and empty, to pregnant and exhilarated. 



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  • Tuesday, Feb 12th 2019,  at 2:30 pm Eastern Time

  • Wednesday, Feb 13th 2019, at 7.00 pm Eastern Time

Time zone: Mountain Time (US & Canada) GMT -7

" We had gone to several fertility clinics in Canada, tried 2 rounds of IVF over about 3 years without any success and finally found an excellent clinic and doctor in the United States. 


Safrina came over to our home for a full assessment utilizing fengshui and our horoscopes. To improve our fertility, she requested that we move our bed, change the colour of our duvet and she made other suggestions for the rest of the house. She utilized her experience with crystals as well as meditation to enhance the benefits of the fengshui. 


Within a few weeks of the changes Safrina recommended, we had two healthy embryos and we got pregnant on the first transfer!


We delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl with the most relaxed and uneventful delivery I could have imagined. 


Safrina is amazing and my husband and I do not hesitate to recommend her if you are struggling with any fertility issues."  - SG, Canada

"We were one of those unexplained infertility couple, which was a shock since we both live very healthy lifestyles. When I had my last miscarriage I decided to give Safrina's feng shui services a try at the suggestion of a friend. We've been trying for 2 years at that point so I was ready to try anything else other than just relying on fertility treatments!

I don't really know how she does it but she feng shui'ed our home and our very first IVF round was a success! We're beyond thrilled, and she's a precocious 3 year old now. Thank you for your holistic approach on this - I really appreciate all that you did for us. Ladies, if you're struggling with infertility, no need to think twice about working with Safrina - she's the real deal!" - KG, Canada

"When  Safrina said that she could use Feng Shui to help my wife and I with get pregnant a second time around I was very excited! She already helped us out tremendously with our house and my 3 businesses so this was a bonus!


She gave us instructions on best placement of our bed and specific colors to activate baby luck. Plus provided astrological insights on best times during the year for maximizing opportunity! 


Safrina feng shui'ed our home in December, we had everything placed by January, and our son was conceived in May! We were so relieved as we were starting to get worried why the second pregnancy was somehow more elusive. Thank you Safrina! You made me a believer! " - Frankie, Canada

DISCLAIMER: This is not Facebook. This is not affiliated with Facebook. The testimonials used above are specific individuals - not ALL individuals. Please understand results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them easily. I worked hard for years at what I do. No one can expect to watch a webinar and magically learn everything there is to know about getting pregnant holistically. I’m using these references for example purposes only of what has happened for me and my clients. Your results will vary and depend on many factors outside of this webinar. Pregnancy success entails several factors as well as massive and consistent effort and investment. If you don't understand this, please DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE TRAINING.

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