​Is This Virtual Retreat for you?

1. You've Gone Down The Rabbit Hole Searching For Answers On Why This Fertility Journey Is Taking As Long As It Had. But WHAT IF..... The Answer Lies WITHIN YOU....?

Some of us who are on the fertility journey as well as the spiritual path sometimes can be constant answer-seekers. But is it possible that the answer that we seek has always been within our grasp - we just didn't have the right tools to unearth these for us?


2. No More One-Size-Fits-All Non-Solution

Learn how the energies of YOUR birth chart, YOUR space, YOUR current and past life can help or hinder you from getting and keeping your pregnancy. While most women go struggle on the fertility journey have similarities, your own path is unique to you. So where does that leave you? During the 3 days you will empower yourself with tools that you can leave and implement into your own daily lives, all the while discovering the layers of energies that YOU can shift and start seeing / feeling the results unfold before you. 


3. If you've been on the spiritual path for a while, deep down you know there's more to fertility than just what your healthcare practitioners could share with you

Ever had that voice inside of you that says, " there's more to this than what they're telling you?" This is it. It's not uncommon for my clients to tell me, "that finally makes sense", "NOW I know why I've been feeling this way about getting / being pregnant", "I didn't think that memory had that much of an impact for me but I am obviously triggered, but now that I know about it, I can deal with it!"

Unlike Anything Else Available Today

That's a bold claim. How are we backing this up?

Forget informational. We're talking 3 days of TRANSFORMATIONAL, EXPERIENTIAL journey for you! 

No more just sitting through hours and hours and going through pages of notes. The bulk of your time will be spent healing current struggles, releasing past pains, realigning your mindset, restoring your vision, empowering you with tools and deepening your faith.

No More Feeling Like You're Just Grasping In The Dark. 

Have you been spending weeks, months, perhaps even YEARS grappling with managing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ups and downs of the fertility journey?

No More Wondering If You've ABSOLUTELY Done Everything You Can To Increase Your Conception Chances

You may think you've covered it all - 'modern and traditional' healthcare practitioners, energy healers, counselling etc.... but have you REALLY explored how invisible energies IN AND AROUND YOU may have blocked your progress?

" We had gone to several fertility clinics in Canada, tried 2 rounds of IVF over about 3 years without any success.


Within a few weeks of the changes Safrina recommended, we had two healthy embryos and we got pregnant on the first transfer!


We delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl with the most relaxed and uneventful delivery I could have imagined. 


Safrina is amazing and my husband and I do not hesitate to recommend her if you are struggling with any fertility issues."  - SG, Canada

FEEL CONFIDENT and EXCITED about moving forward on your journey because it's like:

...Getting breakthroughs and insights that have been eluding you and feeling a sense of clarity once you have it. For instance, what subconscious blocks you may have around getting pregnant, birthing babies, your parenting role etc. The answer that you get with the exercises we do during the retreat might just take you by surprise


...FINALLY having a feng shui and astrological gameplan to maximize 'Baby Qi' in your home - so that you can finally trade in 'routine and high-pressure' with 'relaxed and fun'


...Finding your Self again. That's right. Self with a capital 'S'. How many of us felt so disconnected, dismayed and maybe even disappointed in our bodies thus far? How many of us look at our abdominal area in the mirror and had that pang of 'will it ever be my turn' and feeling like your heart and your body seems to be on 2 separate tangents? Rekindle your sense of Self Identity, adopting powerful self care methods and really, truly, reconnect with the woman inside of you that you lost in this journey. 

Day 1

We will delve deep into our subconscious as well as our past lives to discover what emotional / mental / spiritual blockages you may have towards family and fertility. 

Day 2

You will learn how to use classical Feng Shui and Chinese astrology to activate peak `baby qi' in your home. Prepare for information that you won't likely find in English books on this topic!

Tap into Peak Fertility energy flow to drastically increase your chances for a health and smooth journey from conception to birth

Day 3

Get ready for a profound energy healing session and how you can continue to keep your energy centres healthy and balanced.

This day is created to help you heal and break through any residual baby manifesting blocks ON THE SPOT



About Your Host

Safrina is the founder of Feng Shui And Prosper, a classical feng shui consulting company that has served residential, commercial and retail clients worldwide for more than a decade.  


Back when she was only 25, she and her husband struggled to get pregnant even though both of them were young and with clean bills of health. 


'Unexplained infertility' were the dreaded words they were told.  That phase in her life launched her onto a spiritual journey where she explored other realms of energy in search of answers.


That experience resulted in her findings and a unique approach that resulted in 2 beautiful daughters, who she calls her 'feng shui babies'.  


Her unique methodologies allows her clients to complement modern medicine with holistic and spiritual approaches that go beyond healing body's connection to successful conception. 


She now shows other couples who are frustrated with their fertility journey to create similar success, and proudly reports a 70% success rate of LIVE BIRTHS. 

Is This Virtual Right for You?


  • Women / couples who have been trying to conceive for at least 18 months

  • Women / couples who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • Women / couples who feel that age and time is working against them

  • Women / couples whose doctors feel are not the best candidates for assisted reproductive therapies

  • Women / couples who are spiritually open : you either are already practising or at least wiling to try out different energy modalities


  • Women / couples who only want to implement one or two methods - our goal is a HOLISTIC strategy to boosting fertility so by limiting what you will try will also limit your results

  • This kind of work needs self-honesty and some vulnerability, in order to facilitate what is asking to be healed to surface. If you feel uncomfortable with that, then you may not be allowing yourself the best experience during the retreat

  • Women / couples who are seeking a 'baby guarantee'. While the tools we share during the 3 days can drastically increase your 'baby energy', there is no way for me to guarantee that our work together will result in a live birth.

"We were one of those unexplained infertility couple, which was a shock since we both live very healthy lifestyles. When I had my last miscarriage I decided to give Safrina's feng shui services a try at the suggestion of a friend. We've been trying for 2 years at that point so I was ready to try anything else other than just relying on fertility treatments!

I don't really know how she does it but she feng shui'ed our home and our very first IVF round was a success! We're beyond thrilled, and she's a precocious 3 year old now. Thank you for your holistic approach on this - I really appreciate all that you did for us. Ladies, if you're struggling with infertility, no need to think twice about working with Safrina - she's the real deal!" - KG, Canada

Bonus #1 : Energy-Shifting Audio Library ( 60-day access, valued at USD499 )

No more emotional roller coaster once you have access to this! Guided meditations, chakra clearing audios and self-hypnosis that can get you into deep relaxation, gain healing breakthroughs and even learn more about yourself in the process. My clients tell me over and over again that they get so much more out of my audios than they've been able to with others! Watch how 15 minutes a day can really change your life!

FREE Ticket To My Annual Feng Shui Event, 'Feng Shui 2022' ( valued at USD108 )

Last year I had 600 people join me in my annual event where they finally learn the REAL way of getting their house feng-shui-ready for the new year. Say goodbye to confusion and frustration because you'll be in my private Facebook group where my associates and I take you by the hand to make sure you don't make any mistakes!

Bonus #3 : Feng Shui Bed Placement LIVE TRAINING ( valued at USD899 )

An hour of feng shui consultation with me starts at USD699. I'm taking a chapter out of my feng shui certification course to guide you on how to place your bed - my students had to pay USD2088 to learn this! If you think you know what a feng shui'ed bed entails, I urge you to think again because the way my Grand Master taught me is NOTHING like what you've seen in books - EVER. 

"When  Safrina said that she could use Feng Shui to help my wife and I with get pregnant a second time around I was very excited! She already helped us out tremendously with our house and my 3 businesses so this was a bonus!


She gave us instructions on best placement of our bed and specific colors to activate baby luck. Plus provided astrological insights on best times during the year for maximizing opportunity! 


Safrina feng shui'ed our home in December, we had everything placed by January, and our son was conceived in May! We were so relieved as we were starting to get worried why the second pregnancy was somehow more elusive. Thank you Safrina! You made me a believer! " - Frankie, Canada

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