Be Your Own Intuitive:

How to get clear guidance and messages for yourself using intuition

Meet Your Guest Expert : Candice Thomas

Candice is the author of “The Success Sense: Intuition for Business and Career Success” and has been featured on several podcasts, quoted in Bustle, Thrive Global, appeared as a recurring guest on The New Mexico Style Show, and is an ongoing contributor to TravelHost Albuquerque magazine. Candice believes that every person has the ability to create the life they desire. Her passion is showing them how. To connect with her visit




What’s this webinar about?

This is not just a webinar where you sit back and passively listen. You will be given easy steps and tools to help you strengthen your intuitive muscles so you can start using them to more effectively guide you in your life.


Get ready to learn:

  • What intuition really is

    What intuition is beyond ‘gut feelings’ and more importantly why we have intuition and where it comes from

  • How you receive intuitive guidance

    The six ways that we all receive intuitive guidance and the one block that prevents most people from understanding that guidance

  • Interactive exercises where participants practice getting guidance using meditation

    How to get clear specific information about what to do next on your path using light meditation and mindfulness. We will actually go through interactive exercises on the webinar. No previous experience required!

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